Whether you need help responding to applications in Toronto, or you are seeking guidance for your divorce or separation, we can help give you the peace of mind you need.

Contact us so that we may help you make informed decisions with regard to:

  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Independent Legal Advice
  • Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter
  • Domestic Agreement

Uncontested Divorce

A simple or uncontested divorce means that the only issue remaining between the parties is dissolution of marriage by a court. All other issues such as custody, support or property are either not disputed or are settled by way of separation agreement.

Independent Legal Advice

In some cases you may be asked to provide an independent legal advice certificate (or ILA Certificate). This certificate is a document that proves that somebody has been given legal advice from an independent lawyer who has no association with the other party involved in the contract.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

This document is provided by an Ontario Family lawyer validating a Divorce Order/Decree issued out of Canada. If one party to the marriage previously divorced out of Canada, a Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter is mandatory before a marriage license can be issued according to the Law.

Domestic Agreement

  • ¬†understand the agreement
  • review the agreement with your own lawyer
  • make a complete and detailed statement of your financial situation

Marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements can deal with how you divide property and pay spousal support if your relationship ends. But they cannot deal with issues about children. For example, they cannot say what your parenting plan will be or who will pay child support.

Issues about children can only be decided when you separate.

A Separation Agreement is another kind of domestic contract. It can deal with plans for your children, as well as property division and spousal support.